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  1. Get broadcast info, the key storylines and matchups to watch for the Ravens' Week 7 game in Minnesota.
  2. Baltimore brought back offensive lineman Tony Bergstrom after he was waived this week. The Ravens released cornerback Tony McRae.
  3. In all their wins this season, the Ravens built a big lead in the first half and then milked the clock with their run game. It's a nice formula and worked, but they'll need more winning blueprints in this unpredictable league.
  4. Wide receiver Michael Campanaro has been a promising player who has yet to make a game-changing difference. That could now change.
  5. Defensive tackle Brandon Williams participated all week in practice and the Ravens like his chances to play. Wide receivers Mike Wallace and Jeremy Maclin are questionable. Stefon Diggs has been ruled out for Minnesota.
  6. FRIDAY PODIUM TRANSCRIPT: WEEK 7 AT VIKINGS Head Coach John Harbaugh Opening statement: “Good to see you guys, appreciate you being here. Friday practice, and we’re ready for a challenging Minneso...
  7. Steve Bisciotti believes developmental players, and thus the NFL product as a whole, would benefit from more time with the teams that invest in them. Plus, he shares a turning point for first-round rookie Marlon Humphrey.
  8. At a time like this, it's best to get back to what we do best. For Funny Pages, that means making Ravens memes out of real-life memes.
  9. The picks are in: 42 pundits predict Ravens vs. Vikings game. Another move coming for the offensive line? Ravens-Vikings scouting report. Passionate Dean Pees says defense is not all doom and gloom.
  10. THURSDAY PODIUM TRANSCRIPTS: Week 7 AT VIKINGS Special Teams Coordinator/Associate Head Coach Jerry Rosburg, Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg,& Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees Special Teams C...

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